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Origodesign Ltd. is a multi disciplinary enterprise, operating in the field of information technology and design. Our solutions are effective tools for information management, information gathering, refinement, distribution and publishing.

From a wide range of technologies we provide the solutions which give the assets for the information reach its goal. For us, the technologies, terminals and applications are not limitations but rather opportunities.

In our projects we emphasize on bringing the best possible user experience in means of usability, as well as bringing you and your clients the highest quality visual experience.

With vision and by utilizing the latest research information, be build you a coherent information channel. Our solutions are aimed to fulfill the information needs of your clients and to provide top-of -the-notch visual experience. Not forgetting the most important - the brand promise of your company and the image aims of your products.

Our employees consist of the best experts available. All of our staff members bears an university level degree and a long working experience from the area of their expertise.

Our solutions are cost efficient and constructed with care, combining our own solutions and open source code applications. When needed, we also build you the complete customized product that your company needs.

Now please let us know, how we can be the Origo for your business?


Origodesign Ltd., puh: +358 9 8561 9410 , e-mail: